As usual in the many  well documented power/sexual abuse issues that 2x2ism has become noted for, the  official response sequence is ..

first support those implicated regardless of facts 
then deny any wrongdoing
cover all obvious tracks
ignore evidence
 and then misuse the process of time
to convince membership that it has never happened
(and that we still have monopoly on the favor of God)


The group's ugly hostile power takover by Canadian/American workers  in Vietnam is a perfect example.

As is the Alberta moral meltdown a few years ago .. Marg Magowans dishonest expulsion .. the Saskatchewan and Swedish fallout --  and many more other documented coverups throughout the world

  (Google "2x2 workers" and check out some of the thousands of hits that will come up!) 

Beware of cult behavior!!

To a detailed  and verified account of the ugly takeover of the work in Vietnamn